DON’t let pain control you

Preventative Care


Set your body up for success. Work with us to allow you to better maintain your active lifestyle.



Don’t let pain slow you down. Working with our team can help reduce residual pain from pas accidents.



Adjustments and other chiropractic techniques are great in reducing pain from a wide variety of medical conditions.

Are you tired of daily unwanted pain?

Are you tired of daily unwanted pain?

Throughout our lives, we are faced with many obstacles, but some of those obstacles can “leave a mark” or more specifically some lingering pain. At Palmetto Chiropractic, we specialize in reducing your pain by relieving pressure from past injuries and setting your body up to protect itself in the future.

Reach out today to schedule an appointment so together we can start your journey to recovery and relaxation.

A healthy family is what You deserve.

A healthy family is what You deserve.

Staying healthy and managing your own health is important, but many of our clients would live in agony if it guaranteed that their kids and loved ones could achieve their goals and dreams pain free.

Since 2000, our team has worked with families in our community to ensure that they live their lives to the fullest by preventing pain, eliminating residual discomfort, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Join the Palmetto Chiropractic family today!

About Palmetto Chiropractic Center


Life is full of new opportunities and endless amounts of possible experiences. Don’t let something like an old injury or old age get in the way of the life you deserve.

Palmetto Chiropractic gives our patients the tools they need to stay healthy and feel great. Since 2000, our team has worked with people of all ages to help assess where their pain comes from and how to best eliminate it. Our team takes pride in our ability to navigate your medical history to determine the best path to recovery while simultaneously ensuring that your body is prepared for whatever comes next. Live the life you always wanted…plain…and simple…and pain free!


Schedule An Appointment

Schedule An Appointment

Meet with one of our chiropractic to determine how we can help you with your current pain and prevent future injury.

Get An Adjustment

Get An Adjustment

Using our top of the line equipment and facility we will alleviate and eliminate old pain and put your body on the path to healthier living.

Live Without Limits

Live Without Limits

By working with Palmetto Chiropractic, we eliminate your pain allowing you to chase your dreams without any old aches or discomfort.


I've suffered from chronic back pain for years. I'd accepted that pain was just a part of my every day normal. Decided to give one last try to find relief from my pain with Dr. Yoder and after just a month of treatment my quality of life has greatly improved. Thankful for quality care and treatment.

Jenn S.

Dr. Jason is the best! Great at pinpointing your need! Always on time! I highly recommend this office!

Rachel C.

Jud is awesome! His staff is pleasant and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Palmetto Chiropractic.

Mary Helen B.

Dr Judd is fantastic. Doesn’t do things you simply don’t need but focused on your individual issues. Very pleased.

Tracie M.

Palmetto Chiropractic Center is the best in town. The best staff and has made a huge impact on managing issues with sciatic nerve pain. 10/10 recommend!

Dana W.

I have been a patient for over 15+ years since moving here and so blessed to get the care that has been provided at Palmetto Chiropractic. As a professional ballerina and martial artist it is vital to get chiropractic care to keep our body working and preventing injuries. I have received the most professional care and highly recommend this center for your entire family.

Susanne S.

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