Chiropractic Treatment

What goes into chiropractic treatment, and how it addresses your pain and health

Your health is only as strong as the foundation it is built upon. Here at Palmetto Chiropractic, we believe in empowering our patients to achieve the healthiest versions of themselves possible – and we use chiropractic to do it. The body is capable of incredible accomplishments when simply equipped with the right tools to do so. Whether injured and in pain or healthy and well, nearly anybody can benefit from chiropractic treatment.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic treatment is about more than treating pain or alleviating uncomfortable symptoms. It is a broad spectrum means to self-healing and long-lasting health. We believe in viewing the body as a whole entity, rather than a being composed of many different parts. Each area of the body – whether big or small – contributes to the strength of the others. An injury in one part can produce symptoms in another. Similarly, health and healing in one part can lead to better quality of life overall.

Chiropractic for Pain Relief

No one deserves to live in chronic pain – it is the first thing to go at our office! Nonetheless, many patients are surprised to find that drugs and medications are not part of our line of defense. If you come to us in pain, we will not turn to weak therapies that disempower you. Instead, we will go on the offensive, attacking pain at its root. Our unconventional treatment techniques bypass methods that merely mask problems and instead delve deep into the foundational problems hindering you from feeling your best.

Chiropractic uses a combination of musculoskeletal manipulation, lifestyle modifications and supplementary therapies to naturally diffuse inflammation and facilitate self-recovery. Our patients come to us with all types of pain, from neck and back pain to muscle and joint pain. Within just a few treatment sessions, many begin to experience significant improvements in discomfort and substantial progress toward a pain-free life.

We welcome patients with:

• Neck and back injuries
• Herniated discs
• Sciatica
• Fibromyalgia
• Osteoarthritis and joint pain
• Chronic headaches
• Sports injuries
• Repetitive stress injuries
• Allergies
• And much more

Health Maintenance

Even if you are pain-free and in optimal health, we encourage you to preserve your wellness with periodic chiropractic visits. In a world that is physically taxing, prevention is the most effective way of avoiding the development of new injuries and diseases. Our responsibility is to examine the “big picture” of your health. This means evaluating physical wellness and lifestyle factors to identify health obstructions and recognize opportunities for improvement. You have the opportunity to sustain the heath you have been given and perhaps make it even better over time.

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