Back, joint, or muscle pain? How chiropractic can help

At Palmetto Chiropractic, our specialized services can provide you with the relief you need. Chiropractic care extends further than most people realize. With outstanding service and compassion, our professionals can help you to find the relief you need.

How Can Chiropractic Services Help You?

When you have pain that doesn’t go away, you should seek the help of a medical provider. Chiropractic care can help in many situations, including the following:

Lower back pain: Reducing chronic or injury-based back pain is often possible. The goal is to provide pain relief while addressing the individual needs of your body. For those who have aches and pains, chronic pain, or pain related to strains, chiropractic care can help.
Radiculopathy: A condition dealing with the nerves, chiropractic care can often improve the pain you feel from this condition significantly.
Whiplash and neck pain: Whether your pain stems from a new injury or an old one, you can often see a reduction in your symptoms of whiplash and neck pain with proper care. Treatments aim to reposition your spinal column to reduce nerve pressures and pain.
Headaches: In some situations, headaches (and even migraines) can improve significantly with the help of chiropractic care. This is because it can work to address the underlying cause of the headaches, remedy it, and provide you with relief.
Extremity conditions: Perhaps you have an arm that tingles or a pain that runs through your leg. This is often due to nerve-related problems that can be improved with proper chiropractic treatments.

In the same way, our licensed and expert chiropractors can often provide you with relief from many other conditions, including pinched nerves, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, legal dysfunction, upper back pain, and tennis elbow. We help patients who have been in serious car accidents and those with pain from sports injuries.

How Can You Get Help?

When you come in to see one of our specialists, we’ll conduct a formal interview and physical to identify the specific areas of concern for your situation. Though your symptoms are important, it is also the goal of professionals to better understand the musculoskeletal pain from the viewpoint of the underlying cause. By learning the cause, the proper manipulations can help to provide relief.

It is sometimes possible for patients to see improvement in their quality of life from this type of care. Chiropractic care can also work well as a type of prevention against injuries. It can even help with stress-related problems. The key is to seek out a chiropractor for any type of muscle, nerve, joint, or other related injury or health problem for the pain relief you need.

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