Whole Health & Wellness

All the elements of your body functions together – so why treat your health one element at a time?

If you are seeking whole health and wellness, then don’t just think about diet and exercise. Remember that your body must be properly functioning to really benefit from your healthy choices. From nerves to joints, your body cannot function the way it should if there is an interruption in the system.

Working Without Interruption

Your brain works without you doing anything to stop or start it. Right now, as you read this, your brain is getting information from symbols we call the written word. If anything goes wrong in the process of your brain communicating to your body, would you know? Chances are, you would have no clue if your nerves, for example, were not able to carry complete information from your brain to the rest of your body. If there was a major problem, like paralysis or pain, you would, but not the typical minor problems that most people deal with and are unaware of.

Free Yourself

Chiropractic care allows your body to be a part of complete health and wellness. Problems you were unaware of can be remedied with alignment and adjustment made by a seasoned expert at Palmetto Chiropractic Center. Your full potential can only be achieved when your body is functioning to the best of its ability.

Pain and discomfort will interfere with your lifestyle. Free your mind by removing pain or immobility with chiropractic care. We can fully analyze your body and work on a solution that brings you relief you didn’t even know was possible. We also help prevent worsening pain by working to diagnose and catch problems before they become noticeable or debilitating.

• Neck Pain
• Spinal Nerve Interference
• Headaches
• Hip Pain
• Sore Joints or Hotspots
• Ongoing Discomfort
• Stiffness

Nutrition Supplements

An important part of your body’s health and wellness comes from the food we eat. But meeting all of your nutritional needs is not always easy in today’s world. Therefore, as part of our chiropractic care, we at Palmetto Chiropractic offer consultations and recommendations for nutritional supplements to assist you in giving your body the fullest care.

We are proud to connect our patients with Standard Process supplements, nutritional supplements that do more than fill in the gaps in your nutrition intake; when paired with our support and guidance, they play a major role in building a healthy lifestyle, whether you want to give your child a strong start in life or you are looking to improve your own health as an adult.

Bringing it all Together

Adding chiropractic care to a healthy lifestyle is the best way to get your whole body working for you. Nutritious food choices and an active exercise regimen are a great start and a good chiropractic plan will help ensure that your healthy lifestyle is as effective as possible.

Chiropractic care works to enable every function of your spine and how it works in protecting the nerves that run through the rest of your body. Don’t just change the outward aspect of your health—bring it all together at Palmetto Chiropractic Center. True health comes from within and affects everything else.

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"We never know how far reaching something we may think, say, or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow." -Dr. B. J. Palmer

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